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Tips For Growing Healthy Plants

Tips for Pest Free Plants

Mealy bugs look like little white tufts of cotton and are often mistaken for a disease. The are normally found on the undersides of leaves or on stems at the apex of leaf joins. The white, waxy coating protects the insects from sprays, making control difficult. Washing the infected part of the plant periodically with vigorous jet of water is effective to remove the   pest from the plant but the babies are very small and often overlooked, so a recurrence is possible. Gardener’s Insect Spray is a low toxic pesticide available at Sgardenmart is effective against a wide range of pest such as mealy bugs.




Aphids are common on house plant insects but fortunately, are easily controlled. Aphids may come in any colour and are found on new growth and the undersides of the leaves, usually clustered together in a group. Aphids suck sap from the plant and can cause new growth to be stunted and distorted. Heavy infestations cover the plants with a sticky honeydew and sooty mould. Washing the infected part of the plant periodically with vigorous jet of water and spraying of Gardener’s Insect Spray a low toxic pesticide is effective to eradicate aphid infestation. The gardener’s best friend, the ladybird beetle feeds on aphids and take care of any aphid problem for you.


 Scale insects often build up to large  numbers  because they go undetected. The scale bug is  small, oval and flat, with a protective shell-like    covering. Their shell protects them from pesticides  which makes their control more difficult. Scale-  damaged plants look withered and sickly. Leaves  turn yellow and may drop from the  plant. They  may also have sticky sap or a black fungus on the  leaves and stems.

 Heavily infested plants produce little new growth.If  scale insects are not controlled, death of infested  plants is possible. Scale insects are invasive and  will infest other plants so move infested plants  away from healthy ones. Small infestations can be  removed by touching each insect with a cotton  swab dipped in alcohol.

If it becomes necessary, spray Gardener’s Insect Spray a low toxic pesticide available at Sgardenmart as directed. For heavy infestations, it is sometimes best to prune back the plant heavily to its healthy main stem. Pruning encourages new leave growth. If all fails, it is advisable to throw away infested plants.


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